Project – Red Rose Mystica – Antoinette (will be updated)

Now available as an Animation – Visual Novel

You can download it at

Welcome to the mysterius land of Fuwenia!

There are stories, that in this land there is a Rose, a Red Rose, called “Red Rose Mystica”.

Whoever finds this Rose, if he or she is truly worthy, is able to realize what his heart truly wants…

This, is a story about a girl who was alone, but couldn’t see it..

Her name is,


So here she is, our main heroiene


Μr. Owlie

Hello everyone and welcome to our story!
There is a girl I want to introduce to you. Her name is Antoinette. She is a cheerful easy going type of person but alas she spends most of her time with her imaginary toy-friends.

From my point of view it’s a quite sad situation especially when there is a whole world out there to explore, places to visit, people to meet and adventures to live!

So, it’s time that I have a chit-chat with this girl!

Mr. Owlie (Narrator)




Mr. Owlie (Narrator)

Hello little lady.



An owl?

An owl that can talk?

Suddenly, out of the thin air?

In my room?!

Mr. Owlie (Narrator)

I KNow, that I am an owl that can talk but this is not the point here…


I have read that owls are of the wisest creatures.

Mr. Bunny here would have soo many questions for you talking owl!

Mr. Owlie (Narrator)

As I was saying…


Maybe you didn’t know, but Mr. Bunny is very curious about cooking…

Mr Owlie (Narrator)


Half an hour later…

Mr. Owlie (Narrator)

As I was SAInG!

Little miss Antoinette has spend her life in this village until now alone, with company none but her toy-friends and in My opinion this SHould change!


I suppose if Mr. talking Owlie owl sir is saying so, that be the right thing to do..

Mr. Owlie (Narrator)


Before I came here I had a talk with the Village Elder Randulf.

After I leave you should go and speak to him at once!

He will inform you further about what you have to do.


Okie dokie

Mr. Owlie

Oh! and one last thing before I leave.


What is it Mr.Owlie?

Mr. Owlie

Even at the most difficult situation, even in your saddest moment don’t forget that the stars of the land of Fuwenia are watching over you,

so don’t give up little Antoinette!

Of I go now..

I have many things to attend to..


Oh well.. time to get ready!

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