Japanese rock/metal guitarist Nakamura Shotaro (仲邑将太郎)/nikumanguitar (肉まん)

Nakamura Shoutaro 1

Nakamura Shotaro (仲邑将太郎) also known as nikumanguitar (肉まん)is my favorite guitarist.

Information about Nakamura Shotaro

~ Self introduction ~

I use the guitar and vocaloid to make songs on the net.

Thank you always for commenting and viewing!


~ Frequently asked questions ~

Q. How do you read 仲邑将太郎?

A. It is Nakamura Shoutaro.

Q. Why did you use pork buns (nikuman) as HN?

A. Since I was eating pork buns (nikuman) at the time of account creation, I ended up entering it as username. I like being called by the nicknamed “girl” (お嬢, O jō) ( お嬢さん, Ojōsan, means Lady) that all you gave me.

Q. Is your hair real?

A. For most of the part it is real.

Q. How long have you been a guitarist?

A. A total of about 7 years is in effect if you count the blanks. (As of 2012.11)

Q. Do you have only one guitar? Haven’t you bought any other guitar?

A. I have only one. Because I am poor, I can not buy another one. (* We are using COMBAT after April 2011)

Q. Is it you in the thumbnails and in the videos?

A. Yes it is me. It is the same the person who is talking.

Q. Do you have problem with your hair in your work?

A. No, they are ok.

Q. What do you usually do with your hair?

A. I am tying them.

Q. What kind of work do you do?

A. I am an ordinary office worker.

Q. Dressing like a girl is something you are into? Do you also in everyday life dress like a girl?

A. It is not something I’m into. I am pressed to do it. So in everyday life I will definitely not do it.

Q. Why did you come to wear girls clothes?

A. Because in the videos that I uploaded and in the live I did, before I realized it had become popular and you will get money and time from people, so thinking about these I did not want to do halfway things.

Since I decided to produce a quality, as much as I could in order for people to enjoy watching it, I began to dress like a girl and live like this.

From nicovideo.jp

There may be mistakes in the translation

He has published one Vocaloid Alternative Rock album Shichi-Sho-Ho-Koku (七生報国)

Album Presentation (YouTube)

Shotaro’s-san album Shichi-Sho-Ho-Koku (七生報国)

Songs list

  1. Admiral
  2. 七生報国
  3. JP-Requiem
  4. レイセンコテツ
  5. Border
  6. ニチリン
  7. Stepmother


Lyrics (in Japanese)

Shichi-Sho-Ho-Koku (七生報国) Lyrics (in Japanese)

Lyrics (in Japanese, romaji)

Shichi – Sho – Ho – Koku ( shichishō hōkoku ) Lyrics ( in Japanese , romaji ) 

Lyrics (in English)

Shichi-Sho-Ho-Koku (Unfailing Devotion to one’s Country) Lyrics (in English)

You can buy his album at





You can view his music videos at


and at

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEZ6aiwifUZaQkrHYjEtBcQ on Youtube.

YouTube Playlist





  1. Unfortunately I haven’t found any videos where you can hear his voice or see how he is in everyday life :(. Years ago he did live broadcasts, I think in nicovideo, but haven’t found any of them.


  2. Hi,,,,is this true,,my Idol Shotaro is not female,,? I have been certain he was a female,,,no matter this will not change my opinion,,,just love him / her ..Robby Aus


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