My second game – Lucy – the wish she kept inside – part 1

My new game has just been released!

You can download it from the link below


“Lucy – The wish she kept inside – Part 1”

Is is a Visual Novel game (something like book with pictures and text).

Available in English

It is an .exe file. You just double-click and play


It all starts an evening in an ordinary neighbohood. A baby is born, but she is

abandonded by her parents. After growing in an orphanage, one a day appears a

family that wants to adopt her. It seems like this is a chance for a new beggining…


Game made by George Katsianos aka Winterwolf Icewind with Visual Novel Maker.

This is a free game.

I hope you enjoy this game!

If you do, let your friends know about it!

Copyright George Katsianos 2018


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