Japanese rock/metal guitarist Kelly SIMONZ (ケリー・サイモン)

Kelly Simonz (Kelly Simon, real name: Kazuhiro Shimazu, July 1, 1970 -) is Japan, Osaka-born guitarist, singer-songwriter, guitar instructor. Height 178cm, weight 74kg, blood type O type, the nickname is Kazu. No bullet in the katakana “Kerry Simon”, the notation is also used that there is no half-size space “KellySIMONZ” in the alphabet.


He started the guitar in the second year of junior high school, around the time of high school he created a band. Be appointed to the undercard of LOUDNESS the time of the 17-year-old [1].

After graduating from high school he got admited to the Musicians Institute. When he returned home in 1994 he started band activity after graduation.

In 1998, his debut in the self-produced album, “Sign Of The Times”.

In 1999, also play a major debut from “SILENT SCREAM” from Roadrunner Records, but sales what went up 2 times more than previous work, disillusioned with lack of royalty revenue in the major, again transferred to the indie the activities of the field [2] .

Since 2003 he worked as a lecturer of MI JAPAN. Takayoshi Omura who later worked as a professional guitarist was his student [3].

In 2009 he issued a “transcendence guitarist training cast” from Rittor Music.

From around 2010 he started the “Shimamura instrument ☆ transcendence guitar seminars nationwide tour”.

2014, released the album “BLIND FAITH” from King Records.



“Sign Of The Times” (1998)


“The Rule Of Right” (2002)

“THE BEST OF Kelly Simonz’s BLIND FAITH” (2009)

“My Favorite Songs” (2010)

“BLIND FAITH” (2014)

“Holy Winter” (2014)



Transcendence guitarist training cast series

“Transcendence guitarist training cast” (2009) ISBN 9784845617180

“Transcendence guitarist training cast aloof of classic masterpieces Edition” (2010) ISBN 9784845618378

“Transcendence guitarist training cast Tenka Muso today speed DVD Edition” (2010) ISBN 9784845618965

“Books that sound with the image in your head can be represented by a guitar” (2011) ISBN 9784845620036

“Books that can be represented by a guitar of crying sound that image in your head” (2012) ISBN 9784845621125


“EURO TOUR 2002” (2002)

“Heavy Blues Rock Guitar” (2013)

Guest participation [edit]

Has been showing off the lead guitar in three songs of the album Graveward recording of Sigh [4].


Musica Piccolino (NHK Educational TV July 27, 2013)

Associated People and companies

Norifumi Shima

At one time rift theory has been rumored, but denied each other when they co-starred in 2012 [5].



Shimamura musical instrument

From Japanese Wikipedia

There may be mistakes in the translation

Kelly SIMONZ Official Website


Wikipedia link (Japanese)



YouTube Playlist

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