Japanese rock/metal band HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR (ハイ・アンド・マイティ・カラー)


Wallpaper by Nirux-san on Deviant Art

High and Mighty Color (stylized as HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR) was a Japanese rock band active from 2003 to 2010. They notably had two vocalists; a male and a female.

The band started in Okinawa when Sassy and Meg left a Metallica cover band after they decided to make their own music. Sassy offered Mackaz the opportunity to join their new band, he accepted and invited long time friend Kazuto to join as well. Meg sat in on a school performance one day, and Yuusuke’s voice stood out to him, so he offered him a chance to join the band. 

After she was impressed by the band’s energy, Mākii agreed to join them. With the addition of Mākii the band took on a new name, High and Mighty Color.

It was announced on May 19 that on August 11 High and Mighty Color would release a single, “Re:ache“, which will be the band’s last. Speaking of the reason for the breakup, band members cited “musical differences” and “future opportunities”.


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YouTube Playlist HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

YouTube Playlist MAAKIII


Maakii photos

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