About me

Hey all, my name is George Katsianos. I have been listening to rock and metal music since high school and as I was listening my favourite metal bands, I was wondering how they reached this sound and result. Furthermore, as I was playing my favourite RPG games there were moments that I wanted to create a scene of the game that I was playing at the moment.

At my teens I decided to start in my free time playing electric guitar. Later, I studied electric guitar for 1 year.

At the age of 22 I started learning Japanese, watching Japanese movies, anime and listening to Japanese pop, rock and metal. 3 years later I managed to succeed in the N2 Japanese Language Certificate Exam.

At my 30s and I decided to share my music, illustrations and my thoughts.

At the age of 33 I started studying game programming through internet tutorials. Later I finished an internet e-learning program in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens as a Game Developer with Unity 3D.

My Music



My YouTube Channel


Final Fantasy VII – Valley of the Fallen Star Cover by WinterwolfIcewind

My illustrations





My 3D Animation Projects

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